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At the Legacy Untold, our philosophy is that any visit to a local community should leave both the community and the traveler better than they found each other. With this in mind, we have facilitated thousands of solar light distributions across the planet by giving our travelers the ability to give the gift of solar light to local people in villages living without electricity. By demonstrating and then handing off an innovative, portable, solar-powered device to local people in these communities, adults are able to work after sunset without fires burning inside their huts, dramatically reducing respiratory illnesses. It also allows children to do homework after chores are done, allowing them to build a better future. We’ll set you up with an experience in a local village that will have just as big of an impact on you as it does on the recipients. This is a special experience for all travelers and a poignant learning experience for children. We are so committed to this project that The Legacy Untold will pay for all of the solar lights and any costs associated with the visit for our travelers who want to take part in this meaningful activity.

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