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The Legacy Untold’s founder, Mark Lakin, has been awarded “Top Travel Advisor” in Travel + Leisure’s A-List every year since 2015. The A-List is Travel + Leisure’s annual collection of the world’s top travel advisors, as chosen by their editors. Lakin also serves on the prestigious Travel + Leisure Travel Advisory Board, a noted group of 27 of the USA’s top travel advisors collectively managing more than 7,000 travel designers and driving more than $14.5 billion USD in annual billings, making it the strongest board of any travel brand.

“Mark always has his finger on the pulse of what matters in travel—exceptional experiences that get you to the heart of a place, whether it’s rhino tagging in South Africa to understand the intersection of tourism and conservation, or exploring centuries-old temples in Kyoto with the city’s best guide to better grasp Japanese craft and heritage. His knowledge of Japan, Africa, and iconic national parks and wilderness in the United States is unmatched.”

Jacqui Gifford, Editor in Chief, Travel + Leisure

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