Your time in Türkiye with The Legacy Untold is an immersion designed to leave you with beautiful memories of one of the world’s most dynamic cultures.

An iconic city straddling two continents, Istanbul is a living museum and your gateway to an extraordinary adventure. With historic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia that go back to the 6th Century AD, cosmopolitan Istanbul embraces modernity in some ways and in others remains captive to its heritage as a place where emperors ruled and empires fell. There is nowhere in the world that embodies east-meets-west like Istanbul, where you can take your first sip of çay (Turkish tea) in Europe and finish your last as your ferry arrives 20 minutes later on the Asian side. This is a city that can feel overwhelming, with an endless maze of narrow alleyways full of undiscovered gems. Our network of excellent local guides will whisk you away from the crowds to explore like an insider. In Sultanahmet, allow the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar to tempt you with treasures (we suggest bringing an extra suitcase!), and immerse in ancient Ottoman bathing rituals at a centuries-old hammam. Delve into the culinary scene by sampling Turkish cuisine at both world-famous restaurants in Beyoglu and nondescript fish sandwich shops along the Golden Horn. Stroll streets full of antique stores in Çukurcuma or rub elbows with Turkish glitterati in Bebek. Embark on a private yacht charter up the Bosphorus and watch the city’s dichotomy really come alive. You’ll sip champagne as you glide up the iconic strait, passing both ancient mosques and throbbing nightclubs nestled on the shoreline, capping off the experience with a seafood feast at a rustic waterfront restaurant. And at any moment of your journey in Istanbul, the Islamic call to prayer weaves a spiritual melody into the air.

Otherworldly landscapes await in Cappadocia, with rock-cut churches, fairy chimneys, and luxury hotels carved into caves. For many visitors, the highlight of this surreal destination is a sunrise hot air balloon ride, floating up into a sky painted with rainbow hues. Hike through lunar-looking Love Valley, visit the subterranean city of Kaymakli, and ride on horseback or ATV to explore off the beaten path rock formations and lesser known valleys.

Head to Türkiye’s glimmering Turquoise Coast for a beach retreat, whether it’s a peaceful hideaway or a raucous celebration you’re wishing for. Bodrum, the Aegean gem, has both a buzzing nightlife scene and secluded luxury resorts. Take a full-day or multi-day sail aboard a gulet (a traditional wooden yacht), cruising along the pristine coast to seek out empty beaches and undiscovered coves. A visit to the ancient lost city of Ephesus is a must-see for history buffs, where legendary ruins bring the stories of past civilizations to life.

Are you ready to peel back layers of one of the planet’s most fascinating destinations? Let us take you there.

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Istanbul is a year round destination with four seasons. It’s hot during its summer from July – September, mild in spring and fall, and cold with occasional snow from December to February. Crowds and heat can be fairly suffocating in August. The beaches near Bodrum and the rest of Türkiye’s turquoise coast are seasonally warm from mid-May through September like many other Mediterranean destinations.


Trips to Türkiye kick off in Istanbul, which is home to one of the largest international airports in the world. Direct flights to Istanbul depart from several U.S. cities including New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Cappadocia, Bodrum and other frequented destinations within Türkiye are typically just a 1-2 hour flight from Istanbul.