Remote private islands, dramatic granite rock formations, cinematic clifftop views from just about everywhere, long empty stretches of perfect white sand, and mind-blowing sunsets are a few of the reasons why the Seychelles are the epitome of romance and a first choice for many honeymooners. Located 1,000 miles off the coast of mainland Africa, the remote nature of the archipelago is one of many things that make the Seychelles so appealing. Some of the 115 islands are uninhabited but open to be explored, and others are home to exclusive private resorts only reachable by yacht, seaplane, or helicopter.

We work with carefully selected partners to create meaningful experiences for our travelers that make a positive impact on the various ecosystems in the Seychelles, and the UNESCO nature reserves and protected marine areas here are hot spots for world-renowned conservation programs. The Giant Aldabra Tortoise is a vulnerable species endemic to this part of the world, and several luxury resorts are spearheading initiatives to protect them that our travelers can get involved with directly. You can also restore a coral reef with a marine biologist, plant trees as part of a nature walk through the lush forests, and photograph a manta ray underwater to help collect important data.

When it comes to choosing where to stay, you can be perched atop a dramatic rock formation with endless ocean views, or hide away in a beachfront villa where you step out of bed, onto the sand and into the blue sea in a matter of seconds. Some of our favorite resorts sit on their own private islands. No matter where you stay, you’ll be treated to a picture-perfect paradise. Explore on foot and find yourself on stretches of sand that feel undiscovered. Go kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, fishing, or explore the local markets. If you’re hesitant to scuba dive but want to see the magic of the underwater world, the islands of the Seychelles have some of the world’s best snorkeling where you might come face to face with a giant sea turtle or sting ray within moments of entering the water, no deep dive necessary. We also really love the option to go island hopping here, which is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to see more than just the resort they’re staying at, however fabulous it might be!

And if you just want to relax, with your feet in the sand and drink in hand, day or night, there is no better place in the world to do that. “Barefoot luxury” is a term we use a lot when we’re planning trips for our travelers because it aptly describes that perfect mix – gorgeous surroundings and immaculate accommodations that are designed to bring the ocean and the air inside, top notch food, service and amenities, but a casual atmosphere with no expectations for what you choose to wear or what you do with your time.

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We have personally experienced all of the best luxury resorts in the Seychelles and carefully help our travelers select the best option for their trip. Whether it’s romance and modern amenities or a family escape with tons of activities, we’ll navigate the options to help you experience the getaway of your dreams.



The Seychelles have a tropical climate, so it’s warm year round with varying amounts of rain that can be difficult to predict but the wettest time of year is typically January through March. Trade winds affect different islands in the archipelago at different times, and we can help navigate which resort might be best during your travel dates. The driest months in the Seychelles are April, May and October, when it’s drier. Turtles typically lay eggs from October through the end of the year.


Located about 1,000 miles east of the Kenyan coast, the Seychelles is less than a four hour flight from East Africa’s major transportation hubs, with a direct flight generally available from Johannesburg. The international airport is on Mahe Island. While there are some resorts on Mahe, many top luxury resorts in the Seychelles are on private islands that require another short flight.


Most travelers will not need a visa to visit the Seychelles. Please ask your travel advisor at The Legacy Untold for the most up to date information about any travel restrictions.