The unique desolate beauty of Namibia is one reason this sparsely populated country is so enchanting. Home to the world’s oldest desert and some of the biggest sand dunes on the planet, Namibia is rugged, remote, mystical and wild, and we think it’s one of the most naturally romantic places in the world, and also one of the most adventurous. Sleep out under the wide open desert sky in an open air “star bed.” Stare up at – or hike up! – the impossibly huge red dunes of Sossusvlei. Take a scenic coastal flight over the seal colonies and migrating whales on the eerily captivating Skeleton Coast, where the beaches are dotted with shipwrecks from long ago and the dunes cascade right into the sea. Open your mind through an immersion with the nomadic Himba tribe for one of the more authentic cultural immersions available to visitors in Africa. Explore the border with Angola by boat. Roll over the rugged terrain in a quad bike or soar over it at sunrise in a hot air balloon. Experience the kind of peace that only comes from being in a lonely desert surrounded by endless stretches of sand.

Just like everything else in Namibia, the animals are a little different here. In the Namib Desert, the wildlife has evolved to survive in the harsh terrain. Yes, you can see some of the same animals in Namibia like lions, elephant, giraffe, zebra, but other desert-adapted species that roam the endless sand and dried out river beds include springbok, black backed jackals, wild dogs, oryx, and spotted hyena, among many others. Tracking the endangered desert-adapted black rhino on foot with a renowned scientist who is passionate about protecting them is one of our favorite experiences.

Namibia feels like another planet compared with Africa’s more traditional safari destinations, yet it’s easy to connect to and combine with locations in Southern and Eastern Africa. Some of our travelers choose the spectacular desertscapes of Namibia rather than a beach destination as a way to relax after all the action of their classic safari, and they never regret it. We love designing trips made up of stunning contrasts…let us take you to Namibia and beyond.

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Namibia’s otherworldly natural environment makes for some of the most atmospheric, special lodging options anywhere in the world. Just a few of the options include an uber modern structure built to bring the outdoors in through skylights and floor to ceiling glass windows, a villa with private pool that hover over the sand and blends right into the rocky cliffside, and a solar-powered chalet designed to look like a ship that met its fate on the misty coast after storm.



Namibia is a year-round destination that sees very little rainfall in most of the country, but the varying terrain creates different ecosystems so while some areas are hot and dry, others may be a bit wetter. In the summer (November to March) it’s best to avoid Namibia because it’s very hot. In other months it’s warm during the day and much cooler at night since it’s the desert.


International flights arrive at Husea Kutako airport and depending on flight times you may spend one night in Windhoek, where there are excellent lodging options. Direct flights are generally available from Cape Town and Johannesburg. Namibia pairs well with Botswana for a really diverse safari experience.


A tourist visa is required and can be obtained on arrival. Check with your doctor about any vaccinations you might need. Please check with us about any current travel restrictions.