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When a baby elephant’s mother is illegally poached for her ivory tusks, the tragedy is compounded when her calf is left with no means to get milk to survive. Offering a critical solution to this problem is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a preeminent conservation organization with the most successful elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. We can arrange special access for a private visit with the sweet orphaned baby elephants at Sheldrick’s renowned nursery in Kenya where you can feed the calves bottles of milk and play in the mud. This short stopover during a safari in East Africa may only last an hour, but we’re sure it will be one of the highlights of your trip. Your participation helps fund the work of these scientists and in turn the preservation of the species.

Please note that we scrutinize wildlife interactions like this for their ethics and can confirm that Sheldrick surpasses all standards, does not breed these elephants, and makes every effort to release these orphaned elephants back into the wild once they reach maturity.

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