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You can directly contribute to the preservation of a critically endangered species while on safari by joining an experienced conservation research scientist in microchipping or dehorning a wild rhino. Under constant threat from poachers because their horns are worth more per pound than gold or cocaine, 96% of rhinos have disappeared over the last 100 years. Placing a microchip in a rhino’s horn allows researchers to help protect them from poachers, and dehorning temporarily removes the horn altogether (it grows back) and is an often necessary precaution in high risk areas. During your hands-on experience, the animal is tranquilized, and once sedated you can actually interact with this prehistoric-looking animal, feel the warmth of its breath, the softness of its lips, and the strength of its spirit as you do the physical work alongside a team of experts. Never would you have thought you would be able to feel true empathy for a rhino, until now.

We can also arrange a similar experience where you place a satellite collar on a cheetah, lion, elephant, or buffalo.

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