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Journey to a remote destination where a “leave no trace” private pop-up camp built just for you enables you and your loved ones to sleep surrounded by spectacular landscapes and connect with nature in a place that is rarely – if ever – seen by outsiders. These destinations are typically so far off the beaten path that no buildings are yet to even exist there. Go to bed in a felt-lined yurt in a spruce forest in Lapland, or sleep cradled by the looming presence of Alaska’s Mount Denali. Awake at dawn to compete in an ice sailing regatta across the world’s largest freshwater lake in Russia, or dip into Bolivia’s natural hot springs and flamingo-filled lagoons. You can choose to set up a camp in one wondrous place or traverse with your camp in tow across a wide expanse of terrain – how about a trek from the world’s highest capital city in Bolivia past the Uyuni Salt Flat to end up in the world’s driest desert in Chile over the course of one week? By nature of being temporary, these dwellings leave no footprint, so the pristine landscape remains as it was before you arrived.

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We can also set up luxurious camps in spectacular locations across the USA for U.S. travelers looking for something a little closer to home.