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New Zealand is a prime destination for adrenaline junkies where thrilling adventures are backdropped by some of the most mind-blowing landscapes the planet has to offer. Climb aboard a helicopter and cruise up Milford Sound to land on a glacier and go heli-hiking or heli-skiing. Go mountain biking through the redwoods or hiking in unspoiled forests to reach naturally formed pools and waterslides in rock formations. Go swimming with a pod of wild dusky dolphins, skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding – whatever high-octane thrill is on your mind, we can arrange it. Some of our slower paced but equally memorable experiences include exploring black sand beaches on foot, dining on food cooked in the Maori tradition of boiling it in natural volcanic waters, and playing 18 holes at an award-winning coastal golf course with incredible ocean views that stretch to the horizon. We also have access to the best places to go wine tasting surrounded by beautiful vineyards, or to witness the Aurora Australis, the Southern Hemisphere’s version of the northern lights.

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