The abundance of iconic species and rich biodiversity make The Serengeti ground zero for the classic big five safari of your dreams. It’s also arguably the best place to see the Great Migration, when 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra, gazelle, elephant and giraffe follow the rains in an eternal race for survival. Home to the nomadic Maasai people who have been herding cattle here for thousands of years, and made up of golden grasslands, winding rivers, and thick forests, this massive wilderness is a place where you can truly escape. Still, despite being so remote, so many of our favorite luxury properties are situated here, from elegant lodges to riverside bungalows and roving mobile camps that bring you so close to the action you’ll feel the rumble of the animals beneath your own feet. Stunning sunsets, bush breakfasts, on-foot adventures, heart-stopping game drives, and hot air balloon rides – in just a few days you’ll see the magic of the Serengeti from every angle.

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