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There is no better way to experience the captivating ecosystem of the northern Peruvian Amazon than aboard a boutique luxury river cruise specifically designed for expeditions into the watery wilderness and surrounding jungle. With contemporary interiors meant to blend in with the lush rainforest and the region’s distinctive black water lagoons, this floating jungle lodge has every amenity you could want – a gorgeous dining room, lounge and bar; spacious air-conditioned suites completely sealed off from the elements outdoors, a billiards room, and a top deck plunge pool. Dining experiences aboard this fabulous vessel are more than just meals, they are culinary journeys where menus are designed by a renowned Peruvian chef and ingredients are often locally sourced, jungle to table. We love that the capacity is just 40 passengers, and that the staff to guest ratio is 1-1. The service is impeccable.

The Amazon rainforest covers 60% of Peru, and Pacaya-Samiriya National Reserve, nicknamed the “mirrored forest,” is one of the most biodiverse and untouched regions in the Amazon basin. Pink river dolphin, three-toed sloth, yellow anaconda, howler and spider monkeys, herons, storks, parrots, macaws, are just a small selection of the vast number of species that live in this part of the Amazon Rainforest. You might even see an anaconda curling around its chosen prey. Many of the expert naturalist guides who are at the heart of the immersions into the jungle grew up in the same Amazonian villages full of friendly waving locals you’ll see passing by through the window of your private suite or from the deck of the ship.