Boasting beautiful architecture and breathtaking views, the @svartglacierhotel will be the world’s first energy-positive, low-impact hotel. Opening in 2023, @snohetta, in collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, designed to be the first ever ‘Powerhouse’ hotel, aiming to not only reduce its energy consumption by 85% (compared to most modern hotels) but also be able to produce its own energy through sustainable efforts. To produce their own energy, the Svart hotel will use its solar panel system to power other projects, such as their greenhouse farm, waste management system, and boat destination. In regard to its unique, innovative architecture, the general design of Svart draws inspiration from traditional Nordic fishing culture, with wooden frames used for drying fish and seasonal home structural designs used by fishermen.

Fun fact: The namesake of the hotel, “Svart,” comes from the Norwegian word for “Black,” referencing the deep blue ice of Svartisen and its name. It pays homage to the precious environment for which it has been built.