If a fairy tale-like utopia exists anywhere on our planet it’s beautiful New Zealand. The pristine, rugged, remote South Pacific island nation is the world’s last land mass to be settled by humans, and sheep still outnumber humans tenfold. New Zealand is a foodie paradise where farm to table dining is just a way of life by tradition, and one of the best destinations in the world for adrenaline junkies looking for a rush. New Zealand is romantic, extremely safe and family friendly (there is literally nothing here that can hurt you!) and as action-packed or relaxing as you want it to be.

When you’re surrounded by New Zealand’s stunning scenery every activity feels like it’s been turned up a notch. Go sailing, jet boating or riding an inflatable kayak along pristine bodies of water flanked by some of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountains. Hike into Abel Tasman National Park in search of the famous Cleopatra’s Pool and ride down natural moss-covered waterslides, or go mountain biking through the redwoods of Rotorua. Soar in a helicopter from atop a glacier over Milford Sound and then touch down for a picnic a quiet black sand beach. By far one of the most special and exciting – and ethical! – wildlife encounters you’ll ever have is swimming with Dusky wild dolphins, one of our favorite Signature Experiences.

Some of our favorite experiences in New Zealand are a bit slower paced. Explore black sand beaches on foot, dine on food cooked in the Maori tradition of boiling it in natural volcanic waters. The land of the Kiwis is a dream destination for both beginner and advanced fly fishing enthusiasts and golfers who can play 18 holes at an award-winning coastal golf course with incredible ocean views that stretch to the horizon. We know the best places to taste the tantalizing sauvignon blancs of Marlborough surrounded by gorgeous vineyards, and where you’ll have the best chance at witnessing the Aurora Australis, the Southern Hemisphere’s version of the northern lights. For conservation enthusiasts like us, we can connect you to an experience learning more about endangered falcons.

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand, as well as an abundance of exceptionally unique luxury hotel properties to choose from. Too many choices is a good problem to have… let us solve it for you.

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The atmospheric properties in New Zealand are not just where you lay your head, they’re part of the experience. There is a kind of rustic luxury found here that is unique to New Zealand. Picture yourself sitting fireside in a luxury villa on a working coastal farm, or making an evening toast at an elegant Victorian mansion built on the side of an ancient volcano. Hotels in New Zealand take advantage of their natural surroundings, so you walk out the door for stargazing at the perfectly unpolluted sky, or ride on horseback through valleys and mountains for miles. It’s common to dine on organic food from your hotel’s own garden or farm, and privacy is easy to come by in the wide open spaces of New Zealand.




The southern hemisphere’s summer and shoulder months are the best time to go to New Zealand, when it’s warmer and drier. The Aurora Australis can generally be seen year round although the best viewing takes place in the shorter darker days of the winter, from May through September


You can reach Auckland by way of a 12 hour direct flight from Los Angeles. We love combining New Zealand with Fiji or Antarctica. People often combine Australia and New Zealand, and while we think they’re logical to combine because of proximity, each country could be explored for several weeks on their own. Think carefully about why you’re combining destinations, and what you want to do while you’re there. We’re here to guide you through the tough decisions!