Singita Grumeti

The above video depicts #singitagrumeti, and a handful of Singita lodges dotted across Tanzania’s Grumeti Reserve. Singita Grumeti is a hallowed ground. 350,000 private acres of the densest wildlife on the planet. A cathedral worshipped by global nomads for its flawless execution of top luxury, deep meaningful experiences, amazing food and wine, warm anticipatory service, community upliftment, conservation, and sustainability. A stark contrast to what the land once was. The Legacy Untold founder @mark_lakin recently spent 3 weeks at Singita Grumeti amidst the global Covid-19 crisis.

There are few pioneers in the travel industry that we admire as much as Luke Bailes, the visionary behind @singita. Luke shared with Mark that just 17 years ago, when Singita purchased the property, there was virtually no wildlife. It had all been hunted out. Today it is arguably the best place to see wildlife on the African continent.

“As I stood there digesting Singita Grumeti’s biblical metamorphosis, it reminded me that with the right leadership and funding, anything is possible. At this extraordinary bleak moment in history, Luke’s words gave me so much hope… we can still turn this around.” – #MarkLakin

Singita is a true leader in conscious capitalism and sustainable luxury tourism and we are proud to amplify their bold and brazen efforts to make travel a force for good.