Nestled along the coastline of the Indian Ocean, lies a petite paradise, known for its pristine white sandy beaches, stunning coastal rock formations and rich cultural heritage. Mozambique is a dream castaway destination; remote and luxurious, making it the ideal locale for barefoot luxury and understated decadence.

You can unwind with a relaxing sunset picnic on a disappearing sandbar or you can spice things up and dive beneath the surface for an underwater experience unlike any other – the Northern Mozambique Channel is home to 450 different species of coral – a direct correlation (no pun intended) to some of the world’s most diverse marine life. Tofo is a markedly magical dive and snorkel spot – where on one trip alone you can run into whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, and giant manta rays. Take the plunge and swim alongside curious bottlenose dolphins, friendly whale sharks, and exotic colorful fish. Follow the whale migration and feel your heartbeat accelerate as these playful giants breach the surface. Go snorkeling and glide alongside five different species of sea turtle and majestic manta rays. While you’re in Mozambique you can also take the opportunity to get involved in ongoing local conservation programs, such as working with local marine scientists to protect the endangered sea turtle.

Leisurely float among the warm, crystal clear waves, indulge in excellent food and wine, ride bareback on beautiful horses into warm bathtub-like waters and spend a day in the spa for some much-needed relaxation. Round out your trip by immersing yourself in Mozambique’s rich and unique culture – meet the locals, search for the perfect fresh seafood, explore the colonial-era ruins and sail off into the sunset in a traditional dhow boat.

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Private pools and cabanas amidst lush island forests, fresh oven pizza under the stars, island hopping by speedboat and scenic helicopter rides are just a few of the luxurious amenities and experiences that our favorite resorts in Mozambique boast. With above and beyond service, opulent suites and fine dining, your “home away from home” in Mozambique will surely be a place you never want to leave. Let us help you find the perfect place for you!



Mozambique holds a warm, subtropical climate where the temperature rarely dips and rain doesn’t come for months at a time. The dry season, the ideal time to go for warm, dry weather is between April and December. The wet season lasts from January to March and experiences slightly higher temperatures.