The islands and atolls of the Maldives are the definition of paradise found. The sand is as soft and powdery as you’ve ever seen and the water is as blue as it can be. Couples and families alike flock to this remote Indian Ocean archipelago for the serenity of secluded overwater villas, the incomparable sunsets, the endless places to laze around in private, or jump into activities. The coral reefs here are some of the best in the world for snorkeling and diving adventures. Take a sunset sail with champagne flute in hand, watching the dolphins come out to play. Play tennis on a perfectly manicured court in the middle of a jungle island. Our favorite luxury resorts in the Maldives are at the forefront of the newest and best offerings in watersports like flyboarding and hoverboarding, and offer higher tech toys than you’ve probably seen anywhere else, like electric foil surfboards and a tandem jetovator. 

Unexpected magic is around every corner in the Maldives, at all hours of the day and night – glittery biofluorescence for nighttime snorkeling, moonlit yoga and movies under the stars, luxurious after-dive spa treatments, a private island picnic under a parasol, with a menu tailored to your tastes. The Legacy Untold’s travelers can participate in conservation initiatives like a manta ray dive where you may even discover a new manta ray and be able to name it, or coral reef restoration with a renowned marine biologist.

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Private infinity pools with dazzling views, expansive living spaces that make you feel at home, decor to suit every taste and style from minimalist to bohemian. The resorts in the Maldives are as postcard-perfect as it gets, and in fact the plethora of options is what can make planning a trip the Maldives challenging… with our in-depth knowledge of all the best options, let us take you there.



The Maldives have a tropical climate and are hot and sunny year-round. The best time to go for warm, dry weather is November to April, and there’s a monsoon period from May through October with the wettest time usually in June. The Atolls in different parts of the Maldives experience their own microclimate, so it varies somewhat


You’ll fly into the Maldives main international airport and then usually take a seaplane or a speedboat to get to individual islands.