Culture & Adventure from the Andes to the Amazon

While many people come to Ecuador because of The Galapagos, mainland Ecuador has many jewels of its own to offer curious travelers seeking luxury, cultural immersion, and adventure.

Kayaking, canoe rides, hiking with expert guides, birdwatching and star gazing are just a few ways we love to experience the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest. You might see herons, kingfishers, toucans, parrots, spider monkeys, otter families and the endemic Golden mantle tamarin monkeys. In the Andes, glide over the treetops on a jungle swing or a skybike on your way to a butterfly farm. Visit a local food and handicraft market or take an embroidery class with locals. Ride on horseback alongside the Chagra – Ecuadorean cowboys – through the cloud forests, and then unwind at an evening bonfire accompanied by traditional Andean music. And when you travel through Quito at the beginning or end of your trip, unique immersions might include private chocolate tastings and cooking classes with local experts, a visit to a painter’s atelier, or tea with apprentices at a music school once owned by famous pianist ​​Celia Zaldumbide.

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