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Whimsical sculptures by local artists designed for reef relief
Swim with a mother humpback as she teaches her calf to swim in shallow waters
Implementation of the 3 R’s via shift to minimal-plastic, compostable, biodegradable, and more ethically responsible purchasing
Resource & Idea Aggregate Platform for Villa Operators and Owners; “BE Involved”


The Client

A trio of luxury residential enclaves in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, each comprising a small selection of beachfront and hilltop villas that can be reserved for short getaways or longer stays. Each measuring 7,000-10,000 square feet and featuring modern indoor and outdoor living spaces, the 27 villas are strategically positioned in private enclaves on the island’s most beautiful beaches and have soaring ceilings, infinity-edge pools, signature outdoor showers, multiple terraces, and decks for al fresco dining and lounging. All staffed villas include a dedicated concierge, a private butler, and a personal chef.

The Task

Beach Enclave hired The Legacy Untold to develop and articulate distinct brand signatures as a means to drive awareness in the marketplace, increase bed nights, and drive profitability. The Legacy Untold was engaged to develop luxury and experiential solutions weaving conservation and sustainability into current operations, and to ideate around larger holistic opportunities to drive long-term value for the BE team, clients, stakeholders, and surrounding natural assets and local communities. Beach Enclave resides on an energy dirty island where charging a Tesla emits more carbon than filling a tank and everything but the salt to season one’s dish is imported from elsewhere. Beach Enclave is first and foremost focused on delivering a luxury experiential product in such a way that is both sustainable and sexy.

The Legacy

The Legacy Untold delivered a high-level report detailing over 100 specific recommendations as to how to diversify the current experiential offering, improve the level of guest experience and service delivery, and achieve higher levels of sustainability, across the below categories and with the following pillars in mind.


  1. Developing exhilarating experiences that increase occupancy, drive spend, and foster customer loyalty
  2. Creating & perfecting brand signatures, providing the property with distinct positioning in the marketplace against its competitors
  3. Making sustainability sexy: guests viewing the sustainable choice as an upgrade


On-Property Guest Experiences/Immersions

Experiential development including an underwater sculpture garden as part of coral regeneration efforts, alfresco film nights with curated film recommendations, a signature elaborate bath turndown, an Indigenous Garden, and interactive culinary programming. 

Off-Property Guest Experiences/Immersions

Experiential development including a humpback whale encounter, a signature castaway picnic on a disappearing sandbank, a shark tagging program, and a sea turtle snorkeling immersion. 

Responsible Purchasing & Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Initiative

– Signature Turndown Initiative with a focus on local procurement (e.g. a luxury line of sea salt products harvested on Turks & Caicos, a signature scent, and hand-blown glass decanters)
– Plastic Free Initiative with a focus on expertly curated, spectacularly designed, reusable, biodegradable, compostable replacements for items including straws, saran wrap, trash liners, plastic pouches, and water bottles.
– Locally Sourced Initiative including a partnership with local fishermen to source seafood, and utilizing the on-site Indigenous Garden for interactive cooking with/by the villa’s dedicated butler or private chef.

Kids Programming Initiative

On-property activities and amenities requiring a minimal operational lift. Suggestions included zero-waste beach kits, whale toys with a built-in hydrophone recording of local whale vocalizations, and noctilucent kites to provide an alternative experience to letting lanterns loose on the beach.

Teens Programming Initiative

On-property activities and amenities requiring a minimal operational lift. Suggestions included underwater scavenger hunts and photography classes, virgin mixology courses using ingredients from the on-site Herb Garden & Indigenous Garden, alfresco film nights, and pizza making competitions.

Short-Term Wellness Initiative

Short-term solutions to satisfy immediate needs with a longer-term wellness concept in the pipeline. Suggestions included curated experiential packages such as “Exercise by Adventure” and a “Wellness-Focused Sojourn” with an underlying healthy F&B initiative.

No-Cost Solutions

A wide range of solutions from the use of a stargazing application on eventual in-villa iPads and music playlist curation, to training chefs to up-cycle food scraps (e.g. if perfect cubes of watermelon are used in a salad, puree the odd cuts for a cocktail), implementing a nightly round by staff to prevent excess water and energy consumption and lower associated costs, and innovative reef mapping.

Holistic Sustainability Integration

Development of mission, vision, core values, and sustainability messaging.

Branding & Marketing

Development of brand signatures for web, media, travel trade & press.

Other Suggestions

A wide range of solutions from in-villa composting, to instagrammable moments, local symbiotic partnerships, and a red light sea turtle initiative, involving the installation of lights that auto-switch to red at night, a practice used in many beach locales as a conservation effort for sea turtles as they are extremely sensitive to light.