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Strategy is both art & science, math & music, future & past. It’s where the right brain meets the left. Where bold ideas & blue sky thinking provide the structure for all that follows. Making comprehensive plans that are mindful, purposeful & yield long term sustained growth. Our diverse background of marketing, management, operations, law, and finance, alongside all of the services below, fuel our unique ability to develop 360° strategies and build legacies.



Creating & redefining a story to give a brand conspicuous identity, & its products notable personalities. Branding that is animated and iterative – allowing it to avoid becoming stagnant & encouraging the vitality of its content. Powerful branding ignites our imagination & stirs our emotions. It makes products aspirational, & their purveyors, icons that will stand the test of time. Effective branding is not solely for those with a long history but also for those that are defining the future.



Effective storytelling answers the questions of why, what, and how. It weaves in honesty and authenticity with beauty, meaning, and creative illusions. When done well, consumers lose focus on being sold and their attention sharpens on becoming a proud ambassador for the brand.


Experience Design

Creating emotive experiences around products on offer speaks to today’s definition of luxury as well as the desires of the modern consumer. When executed effectively, it deepens the relationship between consumer and product, and stirs passion around purchase. The things or services that you provide become more valuable when they metamorphosize into experiences. We have been designing impact-driven experiences since before it became mainstream. Whether you’re ahead of the curve like us, ready to make that daunting shift or simply contemplating it, if there’s one thing we know how to do – it’s creating moments that give you goosebumps, designing experiences that become cherished memories and scaling brands that foster a loyal & proud ambassadorship.



Aspirational strategy marries product and service with sustainable business practice – leading to heightened long-term profitability, social impact, and a healthier planet. We develop brands’ authentic social values and create pathways for consumers to identify those shared standards in order to foster deeper connection and sustained loyalty. We make sure that your entire ecosystem from source to consumer is better because you exist. Our ability to perfect products and services for the betterment of all stakeholders is one of our most valued skills and defines us as a company.


Innovation consulting

Innovation is emblematic of modern society. The leading tech companies are heralded for their innovation, and the fast pace of business and ever-changing consumer demands puts innovation at the forefront of any worthwhile marketing strategy. Even the biggest and most reputable brands must work to stay ahead of the curve or risk being replaced. Innovation consulting is about constantly pushing the boundaries of customer expectations and seeking new markets, new ideas, and new approaches as opposed to just staying even with the competition by way of imitation.



Ideate, secure, and execute strategic partnerships, and maximize impact by creating campaigns that deliberately and directly support goals. Anything from collaborations to joint ventures, sponsorships, brand integrations, and celebrity/influencer partnerships.


Content creation

Every piece of compelling, beautiful, thought-provoking content that we create for you will be on brand, on target, and on point with the ultimate goal of putting you on the map. We have a team of videographers, graphic designers, writers, and photographers that produce all forms of expert editorial content. We also make a point to partner with publishing agencies, media innovators, and rising independent artists to bolster our capabilities and expand the scope of our collective creative thinking. We leverage the best-practices, industry know-how, and data from our robust network to inform our content creation and deployment strategy.


Travel design

We partner with a luxury boutique travel agency under common ownership, The Legacy Untold Travel (“TLU Travel”). TLU Travel is a travel design company that creates custom immersions for curious global nomads to the farthest corners of the earth. Our shared founder, Mark Lakin, has been named Travel + Leisure’s Top Travel Specialist for the past five years in a row. He also sits on Travel + Leisure’s prestigious Travel Advisory Board, an elite group of 27 of the United States’ top travel advisors collectively managing more than 7,000 travel counselors and driving more than $14.5 billion USD in travel bookings per year. Mark has traveled extensively on all seven continents and draws from his vast personal experiences to curate the extraordinary for his clients. TLU Travel’s immersions blend exceptional luxury, soft adventure, and thought-provoking experiences meant to elevate the traveler’s consciousness. Given our extensive background in luxury travel product, and intimate knowledge of the luxury leisure client, we are often engaged to both launch and perfect some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative tourism projects.


Social media

When used effectively, social media is a way to remind a customer that a company and its products exist without pestering them with incessant newsletters, calls, or mail. It allows you to provide an instant point of view on today’s news, fashion, and issues of social justice. It allows a company to get immediate feedback, converse openly with customers, collect market research, and tell a story in an instant. Social media can instantly drive sales, channel a company’s focus on a niche market, and create connections with customers, partners, influencers, and press.

“Today’s competitive landscape is more efficient due to the free flow of information, allowing boutique brands to compete with big corporates on a more even playing field and allowing big corporates to engage with their consumers in a more meaningful capacity.”

Mark LakinFounder, The Legacy Untold