An expedition to the final frontier for both intrepid explorers & curious luxury seekers

Antartica at a glance

Antarctica is a distant land that belongs to no one. As experts in remote destinations, we crave everything the “last continent” has to offer – spectacular raw beauty, dramatic landscapes, thrilling adventures, and experiences unique to the destination. Soar in a propeller plane over vertical rock formations. Scale a nunatak and look out at the endless white horizon. Explore by zodiac and encounter massive penguin colonies, jaw-droppingly giant blue whales, and hunting pods of powerful orcas. Roam the icy Earth on a 4×4 under the midnight sun. Go on an expedition to the South Pole and earn the eternal bragging rights of a true polar explorer.

At over a mile thick, the frozen floor in Antarctica comprises 90% of the ice on Earth and represents 70% of the planet’s freshwater (scary fact – if the ice melted sea level would rise 200 feet). You would think that a place with no currency and no time zone, which is populated by penguins rather than humans, would be inhospitable and impossible to get to. In fact, the variety of ways to experience Antarctica and the level of exclusive, private luxury accommodation we have access to is astounding.

How you get to Antarctica will determine how you connect with it once you arrive, as will the size of the ship’s hull – bigger ships have more amenities, while smaller ones allow you to explore narrower nooks and crannies amongst the icebergs and glaciers. You can test your sea legs on a multi-day voyage over the rough waters of the Drake Passage, or skip it altogether to meet your vessel in the South Shetland Islands by plane. We can also arrange a private yacht charter. Or for the wildest and quickest view of the last frontier for those seeing the ultimate in experiential luxury it’s even possible a one-day trip involving a direct private flight from the tip of Africa.


Our favorite experiences in Antarctica blend high octane adventures with the highest level of comfort. A day spent snowshoeing, dry suit scuba diving, kite-skiing, glacier hikes and fat biking over ice deserves a night that ends with an exquisite meal paired with champagne and a warm, cozy bed.

Signature Experiences


Polar Plunge



  • When to go – the warm weather season to visit Antarctica is from November to March with the optimal time to see whales from February and March.
  • Getting there – Allow ample time for your trip. You’ll need a minimum 10 days including travel to and from your home to Ushuaia, Argentina, the departure point for most ships.
  • General health and fitness – because Antarctica can be explored by boat, it’s more accessible for more people. Children, grandparents, professional photographers, couples, and adrenaline junkies are all welcome.